Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exchange To Learn

What do you get when knitters love getting together?  The opportunity to learn!  That's what you get.  

In the southern California area, there is no such thing as an isolated knitting Guild.  It seems that there are always several folks who belong to more than one TKGA group and what with with coming and going and different meeting days, there is cross over of ideas, inspiration and intelligence amongst many local guilds.

Such was my experience earlier this week when four members of Riverside Knitting Guild were the program at North Coast Knitters (we four are also members there) and explained the Riverside Two-Ball Challenge.  

Slide presentation, explanation of the rules, and six years of re-collected challenge items were displayed.   When every one does a little part, it sure is easy to present a forty minute learning opportunity that excites knitters.

After our fantastic - if I do say so myself - show and share, there was much interest in comparing challenge items from the same year.      Thanks to Pat (she of the PowerPoint presentation), Sue (our RKG President and presentation outline writer), Diane (who is the best ever at showing off what someone else hath knit) and the RKG members who allowed items to be displayed it was a really wonderful show.

Specific entries in the RKG annual Two Ball Challenge drew much attention for the detail and execution shown.  All in all, the members of North Coast Knitters were a welcoming, joyous group and the cross-over sharing of Guild activities was well received.  

We see it all the time in the yarn world.  Saving the dollars to attend a regional or national event, participating in World Wide Knit In Public Day, visiting a new yarn shop, taking a class from a new teacher or belonging to more than one guild or knit group.  The exchange of ideas and knowledge makes the world go around.    Get out there and join in the learning.  Find a way to share your knowledge.  Participate - learn - grow.

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