Friday, June 3, 2011

Going Green

After two weeks of getting absolutely nothing finished, success has come my way.  There is nothing like the thrill of a quick knit or crochet that works up fast, causes no problems and has the potential to offer something practical to the end user.  

You guessed it!  An afghan square is complete.  While it is true that I generally attempt one afghan per year, this year is woefully un-afghaned.  No pattern picked,  no recipient identified and no plans made for 2011.  Each year, I do however, make one twelve-inch square for the Riverside Knitting Guild Afghan project.  This annual endeavor is a fundraiser for the guild.   Many of us are working away with our donation of a loving hands creation.  

This year, the theme is Be Green.  The provided yarn is Classic Worsted from Universal Yarn in Color 7087 (that being Linden green to go with the theme).  My offered square is perhaps too predictable.

Green yarn, green theme, green bamboo needles- it was all so obvious.  I can hardly wait to see what other members have accomplished.  If I had anyone to bet with, I would place a bet that there will be at least one Prius, one more recycle symbol and one or two windmills.   I wonder if it is possible to knit compost??

I just love the quickness of this square to break up the time commitment of the Fantasy vest and the crochet purse.   

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