Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Modelette Time

One of the charms of any LYS is the availability of willing models.  No arms were twisted in the taking of these photos of the Fantasy Jacket.

Remember - this is advanced crochet.  So, wipe off that drool and choose one of the following:

1.  Grab stick and string.  Hook On
2.  Grab stick and string.  Take a Class
3.  Grab stick and string.  Negotiate a Deal

No matter which option you choose, this Rowan Magazine is required.

The sizing on this pattern is very forgiving.  The model here is not the intended final owner and yet, it fits her well.   You'll want to know that the jacket hangs longer in the back on moi (given my height) and thus covers more of what I have to cover.    That's a good thing for me.  

Don't stare too closely at this photo.  The photo was taken rather quickly before we fiddled with the cashmere over the cotton.   The lower edges of the fronts are, I assure you, exactly even.  Dare I state that they are "mirror images" so perfect is the result of those hours and hours of fretting and pining and measuring and re-doing ad infinitum.

(Stop it, Lenora!  Quit dwelling on the struggle.  Revel in the result)

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