Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why Did I Ask?

It is my own fault, really.  In the last post, I asked for suggestions related to my next project.  Something to start  just as soon as the new cotton v-neck shell was drying into my size.  Why, oh why did I ask?

First to offer guidance was daughter #2.  It seems that she is searching for a new summer purse and really wants something "custom and individualized."  Color me wimpy mom.  I crumbled like feta cheese and even took her to the LYS to select her custom colorway.

My brain is now occupied.  There is a goal.  

Notice that two colors are required.  One might immediately correctly surmise that the purse of the moment has stripes.  Very simple two row pattern.

In order to make a sturdy hard working purse-worthy fabric, the entire piece is worked with two strands.  

And a big hook.

There will be no felting which is what is hinted at by double strands and a larger hook size.  Something felted  is what #2 daughter suggested.  But as the production artist, I am offended by felted wool in the summer.  You, of course, are allowed your own opinion.

Two strands plus a big hook equals fast progress.

Repetitive repetition might be boring if not for the dimensionality resulting from the post stitches.

I know.  I know.  I have previously waxed poetic about crochet and post stitches.  What can I say but that I know what I like and I like what I know.

More to come....especially the panic over running out of color #2 as there was not quite enough at the store to coincide with the amount requested in the pattern.  

And you should know that another "friend" offered up the opportunity to make a little summer wearable.  Because of swatching for that and working on the purse, I still have not finished MY project.

Why did I ask?

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