Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sitting In The Morning Sun

One of the absolutely amazing things about knitters - or crochet fanatics, spinners, tatters, etc - is that we do not require participating in the great wired world.  Often, I observe this fact upon boarding an airplane and hearing the "power down your equipment" announcement.   Those of us who are wedded to  the stick & string habit just keep on knittin' (or whatever).  We rarely ever power down unless sleep overcomes or muscles tense.

Witness this fine summer day.  No electric cords in sight!  We are not of the wired generation.  Although, truth be told, one iPod was connected to portable speakers whilst the classics wafted on the breeze.  So there was pre-charging which might or might not count in the great scheme of this post.

To the left of me, there was knitting.  No electricity needed.

Just beyond and cropped out of this photo was a sweet babe in his mother's arms.  Turns out that knitting is conducive to sleep.  Perhaps it is that rhythmic click click of the needles.

And to my right - more knitting.  It is hard to capture the moment frozen in one frame, but the near knitter helped the far knitter work a bit of short row magic on the back collar of a sweater.

No electricity needed.  Although, if I may digress, a quick YouTube video could also offer the needed instruction in a pinch.  But that up close and personal sample of w&t really did the trick!
There was an opportunity to nibble and, as all good workers of the yarn know, wipes were supplied so that the chocolate never touched the fibers!

Perhaps the point of our outing in the morning sun is simply this.  Hand knitting is a very green and environmentally friendly activity. 

As she held tongue firmly in cheek and wondered at the hypocrisy of suggesting such a green activity while plugged in to the computer various wireless devices in an effort to encourage non use of electricity.  HMMM.  Must give this more thought.

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  1. I loved seeing you again, Lenora. You are so much fun to be around, and we all miss you so much!