Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thinking Required

Today should have been the end of my new summer sleeveless shell.  All that is need is to pick up stitches and work three rounds on each arm hole.  Very easy.  But alas, my brain started to explore possibilities.  Or perhaps the better description is that my brain started to think, "and then what?"

That is all it took.  How could I possibly finish the only project on needle or hook and be faced with nothing?  As previously confessed, I do not do well with nothing in the work stream.  Oh, yes.  My brain started thinking.  So, I sat and thought my way through back issues of favorite publications.  I made a pot of green tea with the hope that the thinking would be enhanced. 

I even - please insert your own huge gasp - checked out the stash for inspiration.


I could not think of any  thing that made both my fingers and my brain happy.

I'm still thinking.  And hoping.  That inspiration is close at hand and  will present as just the perfect next project.  Because I really, really do want to finish the cotton shell and strut the simple beauty of cotton in the summer.

Encouragement is humbly solicited.

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