Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Is Finished

Just in time for for the windy blustery rainy day, the new summer V-neck shell is completed.  The timing is poor - but I don't care.

This might look quite plain and unexciting in the photo.  In person, it is marvelous.

Here is the back of the shell in all of its simplicity.  At first I had a bit of concern that the three rounds of broken rib would be less than sufficient for the neck and sleeve openings.

This cotton (Sublime Organic Cotton)  handles the short ribbing well!   It looks fantastic and has body.  If the yarn had been more "flowing" such as soy or silk, I do not think the three rows would stand the test of standing sturdy.

Soon, a photo of the embellished front.  That needs to wait for a non windy, not rainy and very sunny day!

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