Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Will It Look Like?

I am not much of a lace maker.  A few shawls here and there - the very few I have shared with you.  A bit of lace edging on a sleeve or trim is OK.  Honestly, lace is so time consuming that it either bores me with repetition or I loose interest due to the slowness and thus the time involved.  When I start a project, I want it done.  

So, why did I agree to take on this commission?  Because of the cashmere.  Hey, I'll endure a lot to work with 100% cashmere that I don't have to purchase!  

Pure divinity.   It is hook candy for sure.

This is a wad of crochet lace.  Barely begun lace.  There is much to accomplish.  While the construction of the final piece is fairly simple, the working - or at least the getting started and setting the pattern over the first foundation and eight rows is advanced work for sure. Now, the pattern is set, both in my brain and in the crochet itself.

A crochet friend was looking and drooling near this wad and asked the right question.  "What will it look like?"

Naturally, I set off on a lecture (diatribe?) about the process of  soaking, stretching, pinning and drying.  Otherwise known as basic blocking.  This friend has not yet attempted lace work.  She is more in the camp of making purses, tote bags and useful boxes.  Toss in a washcloth or two and even an occasional gift blanket for my Bert and she is a very happy and accomplished wielder of the hook.  But, as far as I know, she has not ever attempted lace weight and delicate stitch work.

Sensing that my lecture on blocking was a bit over the top, I invited her to help me stretch out the lace so as to simulate the final piece (post blocking).  

Oh La La!  That is going to become one fine piece of work! 

This dry run has excited me so much that now I must finish just to see the final piece upon some lucky lady's body.

Wow!   Even I am going to be impressed.  When it is finished.  Weeks from now. . . . . . sigh.

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