Thursday, February 24, 2011


The textural blocks that construct Wrap Me Up by Chris de Longpré are still on the needles.  Time is not on my side and I fear that it will many a week until completion.  OH - but the things that happen within this pattern certainly do keep up the interest level.

Witness the texture of these sections. 

The larger section near the bottom of the photo is a series of stockinette vs seed that creates repeating blocks.   That was a fun and very fast knit.  The majority of stitches are being held for the future.  At present the stitch pattern on the needles is a criss-cross that requires action on both sides.

Do a slip, k, psso increase on the right side.

Do a p2tog with increase on the wrong side.

Love it.   

I tried really hard to capture a good photo of the stitches. But, it just didn't work out.   Up close and in person, this portion is my second favorite thus far.  The beaded section is still my favorite.

Given that the weather gurus keep telling me that a major winter experience is headed this way, I plan on holding up and making major progress with the knitting this weekend.   Perhaps I shall even sew the sleeves into the pullover which I don't plan to wear until April, thus making it extremely difficult to get it finished. 

If I sew in sleeves, then the only thing on the needles will be this scarf.    

Me thinks a bit of stash diving is in order.

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