Sunday, February 13, 2011

Double Double - Again and Again

The Totally Tam has become a total favorite.  Let me count the ways:

It is a fast crochet.  This one took an afternoon and two hours the next day.  There is counting involved; this is not exactly mindless dark movie crocheting. Dark yarn and the light of day and voila!

It fits!  The pattern has two versions - labeled male and female - which have nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the number of rounds and type of band for the forehead.  Apparently the only difference between the male and female version is the band, or lack there of, as the finishing.

Increases are worked from the top center circle.  So, if you have done this string and hook thing before or have done the string and sticks thing before, it will be rockin' easy to make this pattern from any yarn weight by working the increase  rounds as established until the circumference of your crochet work fits the intended head.  Does not matter if that head is baby size or Shaq size - - it will work.

On this, the female version, the band makes the tam wearable in several different ways.  Almost every way that I jammed it down, the tam still looked good.   I didn't always look my best.  But the tam looked marvelous.

Crochet is thick which equals warm.  This is not a skate boarding beanie for the beach.  Well, at least it isn't when worked with warm string.  

Even my self proclaimed Goddess daughter likes this.  So, if an aging mama and a hip young twenty-something both love the same pattern, that says a lot!  

I left the tam on the coffee table and the non-goddess, by the book, Excel loving, organized wonder of a daughter said, "Wow.  That's interesting."  AND - get this - she has picked up a hook after more than a decade of delving into digital spreadsheets and marketing materials with the goal of making Bert a new blanket.    No wonder I have a smile! 

While stash diving for her return to crochet, I found the remains of a commissioned cardigan and hooked on for another tam.  This is Ultra Alpaca.    

I can see making this pattern again and again because it works for everyone.  I plan to stash up a few for gifting throughout the year.

Reminder:  Totally Tam from Crochet! magazine.  Check it out on Ravelry here.


  1. What a great story! I've posted your posts on our Facebook page. Stop by and say hey!

  2. Beautiful! You look fantastic and your work is so neat.

  3. goddess daughter says "i think i like female version with thick band better. it's very french-artsiste. but don't worry boys, as long as colin and brad keep rockin the lady-boy look, so i suppose can you!"