Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just When It Gets Boring. . .

In addition to the boring forever stockinette, there is another project on a different needle.  This one does not have a chance to become boring.  Just when it develops a hint of becoming so - from repetition of the same thing over and over - the pattern changes stitches and direction.    A little bit of this and then Presto! It is time to do something else.  

The pattern is Wrap Me Up by Chris de Longpr√©.  I am working in Noro Silk Garden Sock.  The pattern is a modular sampler type that was originally designed to be worked in worsted for a large snuggle wrap.  The option for a scarf out of sock yarn appeared after the original pattern. 

I am only on Block 6.  I love how the shades of the Noro meander through each module.  Yes, I did consider something much more colorful - possibly in my favored teal, jade or merlot color ways.   This more subtle color selection was made because recently I purchased beads that want to be the star.  And, when placed sparingly on this piece, the beads will play the staring role and the Noro shall be relegated to second fiddle.  Well, maybe the Noro will be the supporting cast.  Kinda hard to envision any Noro ever being second fiddle.

The Silk Garden Sock is working up to my liking on a #3 needle.    A new knitter recently asked me if anyone ever makes actual socks out of this 'sock' yarn.  That I have never seen done and, indeed, can't imagine a gusset out of the stuff let alone a sock that inserts into a shoe.   But it is great - superb - tres marvelous - for wearable art.

Onward with the knitting.   Miles of boring stockinette on the spring top interrupted by miles of changing stitches on the scarf.   Life is good.

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