Monday, February 7, 2011

Bead Up

The ever changing scarf has several bead sections.  Not over the top blingness.   Just subtle enhancement that injects little surprises every now and then.  Since the whole point of the pattern is texture beside texture flowing into texture, it seems appropriate to bead with a texture change that is not in opposition to what is already happening, but rather offers a respite that at the same time respects the theme of the whole.

I think these beads are just perfect.  And, as the Noro happened, the light background of the beads fell appropriately on a change of the Silk Garden.

Such serendipitous occurrences thrill me. 

The beads are added via the crochet hook method.  The online video world is filled with great examples.  So, if this method of beading is not in your skill set, search out a tutorial or read about it in a forgotten book lingering in your personal library.

Do you notice what came after the beading?  Sixty-one rows of stockinette.  Such is life.  

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