Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Under The Wire

It is not a big deal.  But every year I try to complete an afghan.  Last year, daughter #1 benefited from the warmth of my efforts.  Some years, the extended family provides a baby that creates urgency toward completion.  This year - nothing special was on the horizon and no one was planning to redecorate a bedroom to spur me on toward the goal.

I was left to my own sense of plodding along to get 'er done.  Yes, just under the wire the wool is ready to pull over my sleeping eyes.

 Actually - three whole days early! 

But, I may have fudged just a tad.  That's right, I deleted a whole bunch of knitting.  What was planned to be suitable for sofa movie snoozing whilst fully stretched out was not going to happen in 2010.  No way.

You guessed it.  I made a smaller size.  Oh, come on.  Haven't we all done that at one time or another?  

Who needs calf length socks when anklets will suffice?  Three-quarter sleeves are just fine, thank you very much.  And what was the origination of the shawlette?  Exactly, someone who got freaking tired of knitting!  Surely, that is the derivation of the little swath of lace  that barely keeps the neck warm, much less the shoulders and upper back.

The joy of the Modern Log Cabin from Mason Dixon Knitting is that is lends itself so simply to any size.  I wanted to be done.  And by golly I was done.

Bind OFF. 

And it is not even 2011.  Way under the wire in my book.  Yeah me.

PS - I did not cheat.  I did not cheat.

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