Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bottoms Up

 The wonderful thing about a skirt is that so many folks don't really believe that "I made it!" is truth in action.    But it is true.  This is my second skirt and compliments come my way each time I wear a hand knit wonder.

Admittedly, with this color combination, I do look somewhat like an upside down Christmas tree.   And so I wore this ensemble for this most festive of Christmas days. 

Already the skirt is destined to become a favorite.  And the  pattern is one that can be repeated should the need arise or the winds of a  whim waft over.  

My first foray into Berrocco Vintage is successful.  I was concerned about the 50% acrylic and how it would feel for so many rounds.  But the working was quite comfortable and truly the wool (40%)  feels dominate.  My hands did not dry out nor did the yarn feel yucky.   Hopefully that final percentage of nylon in the blend will help with longevity and strength of wearing.

The pattern is Bell Curve which can be had on Knitty if the link is not working.  The increases hidden within the vertical columns of star stitches is brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  Because the resulting panels are exactly the same, it is easy to give a quarter turn on each wearing and counteract skirt sag.  And we all know where that can happen!

The way the pattern is written, it was an almost too simple adjustment to shorten for us height challenged women.  

All in all, I am pleased, proud and planning every possible wearing opportunity. 

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