Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Soft, So Warm, So Fun

 The kit followed me home.  All I was doing was chatting with the good folks at a LYS and this was on the shelf near by and then it jumped to the counter and then next thing I knew it was on the front seat of my car following me home.  

Yarn is a sneaky and mystical thing.  It has a mind of its own and goes where it wants to go.  

Any who - - one week after this kit from The Alpaca Yarn Company  followed me home the work was done and the joy was abundant!  It is a very simple knit to create a mesh pattern.  That would be warm enough - given the alpaca.  But no no no.  More to come.  Paca Cinta, a bulky woven yarn provided in the kit, is woven through the mesh, tied off, and fringed.  

Do please click on the photo and view in a larger size.  Owing to the color dyes on the Paca Cinta and the simple weaving, color undulates across and through the brown scarf.  The impact is very pleasing, even when viewed from the "wrong" side.  I consider this one to be reversible.  And I do so love reversible scarf patterns.  

While I was rushing to finish this gift, Bert was reduced to spending time in his too small travel cage.

Bert does not enjoy his too small travel cage.

What's a mother to do?

Bert received the dregs of the Paca Cinta and he used it to make his very own scarf!  Way to go, you crafty creature.


  1. What a great blog and how clever you are :-)

  2. I recently made the same scarf and found this project on your Ravelry page. I love your bird's new scarf. I wouldn't trust our Macaws not to eat my leftovers!