Saturday, September 18, 2010

Very Twisted Knitting

It is still quite hot here in the desert.  And football season is now heating up as well.  I enjoy a good football project and the current one on the needles makes for good pigskin watching. 
This is the back of Vest With A Twist  from Easy Cable Knits for All Seasons by Andra Knight-Bowman.  The vest is featured on the cover of the book and really caught my eye.

The particular pattern is worked side to side which means that throwing in k1p1 rows makes nice vertical lines when turned into the normal orientation.  Being under height for my current width (aka short & wide) anytime the illusion of vertical length can be incorporated into the wardrobe I am the first in line to get it.

The pattern is very adaptable.  Although designed as a sleeveless vest, directions for optional sleeves are given.  I will definitely add the sleeves and hope for a cool winter.  

The cable pattern is the real star here and is worked both on the back and the front.  It is a very simple four row twist.  That is a lot of twisting because every right side row is cabled.  As you can imagine, stopping on every row to look for a cable needle gets quite distracting after just a few hunting expeditions.    I finally had to admit that it was useless to try to keep the little sucker in sight and gave in to working the cable sans cable tool.  

If you don't already know how to work cables without that special needle, you really should give it a try.  All manner of resources are available to help.  So head on over to YouTube and look up the many videos.  It really is easy and not too fiddly at all.

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