Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Another Aestlight to delight!  I love making this pattern even though the edging still seems to go on for ever and a day.

Mostly, this pattern knits itself.  A few knitterly friends are struggling with the bird's eye lace pattern.  I offer support & try to say all the right things, but I just don't understand why they struggle.  The lace is offset and so looking at what was done lets one know what needs to be done.  My mind thinks this way.

But hey - I hate the edging.  Specifically row 2.  Can't tell you why.  Even after working the reprise of the pattern, I still struggle with that bit.

I suppose the point is that each of us is unique and therefore our string struggles are unique.

Here is a view of the open shawl.  All in all, the blocking turned out quite nice and I'm happy with the points.

Aestlight  Shawl.   Many versions on Ravelry, so check out all the versions out there.

Yarn is  Grass from Plymouth Yarn Company  65% cotton, 35% hemp

Knit on size 6US.

This shawl looks better on daughter #2 than on moi.  But she can't have it, yet.  The Guild is having an Aestlight shawl program next month and I want to bring both of my Aestlight shawls for showing and sharing.  

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