Monday, September 13, 2010

Little String - Big Hook

At first, the new project absolutely felt like a little string and a too big hook.  Actually, more like a cobweb and a harpoon.   Isn't that just the way of it?  You see, for several days, I had worked to finish the back of a new pullover done up in  a nice worsted.  There is something about DK and Worsted that fits my fingers and hands quite well.  Very well, indeed.   So well, that the knitting - or crocheting - is fast.

And then came the purchase.  This is Noro Sekku.  Sekku is a lace weight in the Noro tradition that we love so well.  Lots of  color changes that cause anticipation and excitement in each ball of the stuff.   And - you will want to note this - lots of Noro traditional bumps along the way.   Look carefully at the photo and you will see what I mean.
After a bit of research, it seemed appropriate to work this lace with a F hook (3.75 mm).  The ball band is looking for knitting needles in the 2.0 - 2.5 mm range.  Why did I use the F crochet hook?  Because that is what CanadianCupcake (Ravelry) used to make her Magnificent Mantle.  It is important to understand that the Magnificent Mantle (a crochet adaptation of Aestlight Shawl) is written for worsted weight yarn and yours truly is not following the suggestion of worsted and going with lace weight.  Thus the Ravelry research that  led me  to flattering CC by following her hook selection. 

Having now completed the triangle portion of the shawl and moved on to the sides and open trellis type work, I no longer feel like the hook is a harpoon.  Finally, the webby string and hook are one.  And to think, it has only taken two airplane flights and one pedicure to feel one with the hook and string.  AAAHHH........

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