Monday, September 6, 2010

Annual Plug For Donating Knitting

In one short month from now, the Riverside Knitting Guild will present local law enforcement with Precious Pals to use in the coming year.  Once again, this program that puts a handful of love in the grasp of local children is my chosen effort.  

It takes such a short time to outfit a bear or two.  This gentleman only wanted a floppy bow tie.  And the little miss needed a ruffly skirt and matching bow.

Both the tie and skirt are crocheted from bits left over from my recent shawl phase.  Every time I pull out an animal to dress, there are whispers.  Soft whispers from each telling me what he or she has to offer to a child.  I must believe that these Precious Pals speak.  And more importantly that they can listen - to a child in need.

This gent, with the simple bow, told me that he does not need much for himself and that clothes just get in the way of absorbing tears.  It is true.  He did tell me exactly that.

This strong man with the steady eyes spoke of wanting to be a super hero - thus the black cape with sparkles of gold.  It is a mighty cape knit with enough strength to protect the vulnerable.   I do believe, that given freedom, this Mighty Bear can fly.

This holiday weekend a whole family of super heroes appeared.  They are excited to know that in just four short weeks, each will move to a foster home in the back of a police cruiser or at the station and then, sometime in the coming months a child will adopt these critters and they can give love.  

The bear  family gathered for a photo and talked quite a bit about gaining strength to absorb need, to banish tears and to bring love.

Here is September Super Family discussing their futures.   Note that Super Bear flew up to the top of a tall candle stick! 

That's one quick knit and crochet day for me.

One giant bunch of loving Precious Pals.

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