Thursday, July 22, 2010

With Sugar 'n Cream

Do you give much thought to the interplay of intended use/wear and appropriate yarn?  It is a simple question that is worthy of entire tomes to fully explore the issue.  Indeed, many a writer has tackled what to use when, many a blog post has offered an opinion and a multitude of chat posts have ranted about why something can't be used as proposed.

Will a cotton skirt sag where you don't want your saggy bits to be emphasized?

Will alpaca be too hot for an airy summer tank?

Will baby develop a rash if the blankie has a mere 25% wool?

Will a yarn prone to pilling create a mess on the under arm area?

Ad infinitum. . . . .

My current mood is such that the simple and time tested solution is my choice.  A new bath accessory is needed.  I'll take mine with Sugar 'n Cream, please.

 No muss.

No fuss.





Totally functional. 

That's right, I'll take my coffee black and my functionality with Sugar 'n Cream.

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