Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cardigan Wears Well

Yes, the summer cardigan is totally complete.  And a good thing too.  The June Gloom of soCal is holding on and the mornings and evenings here in Riverside are on the chill side of summer.  Fog, aka marine layer, reaches into this desert and brings delightful respite from the need to waste energy resources by turning on the air conditioner.  

As you know, I worked quite hard on the cardigan.    It was a labor of love and out of the box for me.  The color way is definitely not of within the teal/jade/merlot scheme that makes me glow.  But I trudged onward to completion and am happy with the result.

As it happens,  a friend was knitting sleeves for her cardi at the same time as my work on these sleeves was under way.  The pattern that she was struggling through indicated that the pattern was to be maintained as the knitting progressed outward and upward.  In other terms,  one was instructed to keep knitting in pattern and increasing through the entire under arm section.  Here I call your attention to the under arm section of the pattern I selected.  Note that the entire under arm increases are worked in stockinette.  No pattern futzing.  No fretting.  No wonky worries about yarn over and increase within two stitches. 

Let us give a huge shout out of glee for maintaining patterning on the top of the sleeve and increasing simply via a stockinette (or garter or short row) under area!   At any rate,  I win the competition with my knitting friend who is still struggling with increases in pattern, etc. etc. etc.

The new cardigan is a joy.   This photo is sans buttons, but the holes are there.  For sure, the Linares is  a bit splitty.  Well, a whole bunch of splitty is more the truth of it.  AH, the result - - a whole bunch of wonderful shimmery cotton blend.  Perfect for a summer that can't decide if it wants to be  hot or foggy.

A reminder - previous posts not withstanding.

Yarn:  Linares

Pattern:  Design 6.  Don't ask - I bought the pattern with the yarn.

Maker:  Moi!

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  1. I'm diggin' the cool beginnings and endings to the days as well. It could stay this way the whole summer and I would be delighted.

    I'm also delighted with your sweater. Although it's not in your usual colors, it works. The first photo is incredibly sweet, almost as though you were a young coed and it makes your skin soft and glowing.