Friday, July 16, 2010

Color Color Everywhere

I love color.  Those who know me well might think I only love teal, jade & merlot shades.  But I am also very fond of a rich brown, soft grey and bold black.  And at this very moment I am bedecked in olive and salmon.  Shades of olive and salmon (even though someone in the room thinks I am wearing pink).  Surely olive and salmon upon the person means that I can and do branch away from teal, jade and merlot.  

What I don't really enjoy is color upon my body that I did not purposely place on this person.  Confused?  Look closely at this photo. 

That there is color transfer from working a current project.  Just look at that!  At first I thought that I was simply holding the yarn too tightly for it to slide easily.  So, I moved the position to another pristine finger section and the same thing happened.  The color made another lovely blue stripe.  

I was slightly put off.  Perturbed is more the truth of it.  OK - quite perturbed and not happy and almost driven to say bad words.  Then I thought about this whole thing.  My love for dark shades of yarn is bound to have some fallout.  Light pink tints hold no charm; sunny yellow is absent from the stash.  I like color - not pretend light blushes of color.  In fact, I've been known to throw black prominently into the little boy blue just to get meaning into the impact.

So, in order to work with the dark intense shades that I love, a bit of color transfer is bound to happen when using certain fibers.  After all, there must be enough dye in the wool to hold up for the washing and wearing and over time itself.  Oh, it sort of looks like a tattoo ring -  a stupidly placed ring to be sure.  That's fine.  It is the future that grabs my focus.  Thus,  I will endure a bit of color transfer in the making so that the color stays with me for the wearing.  

Maybe this is what is meant by suffing for my art.

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  1. My current project is doing the same thing, but more of it. I'll likely have blue feet when I finally wear the socks.

    By the way, don't work on this project before you have to fly. TSA might suspect you of something nefarious, those blue marks and all.