Friday, July 9, 2010

The Fascination With Shawlettes

Exactly what is this fascination with the shawlette?  Oh, for sure, a regular size shawl is still quite popular.  And some enjoy making multiple shawls for occasions and for gifting.  But the shawlette size seems to have taken over and become quite the rage.  I am thinking that this is because  the smaller sized shawl-ette is more functional year round.  It is quite enough for a summer evening, still functions over a sweater as autumn comes around, is an added layer all winter long, and stays useful while spring decides when to spring.

It can be said that I am on a shawlette kick.  The reason that I am enjoying making this petite wrap is because the making is so quick!  A lovely afternoon, a glass of minted green tea and some string.  This is the latest version a quick knit.  Only this time it is a quick crochet.  Two days and playing with a cotton/linen mystery blend and the work is complete.

Mind you, I did not go looking for a crochet pattern.  Rather I was reading the blog of a yarn friend and became jealous of her latest creations.  Check out this post.  I just had to make one!  "One" being the South Bay Shawlette which is a free pattern from Lion Brand.

In between family dinners, trips to airports, visits to wineries and lots of patio sitting,  I finished my version in no time.  The pattern is so easy to memorize and to work that I just might have to go stash surfing and make another.

This photo is obviously the shawl in its unblocked state.  We were just checking the final size.  I decided to add two extra rows and delete the edging.  Without the edging, it looks like this will block out with little points dancing down the sides.  

Already the model has her eye on the potential prize.  After all, the soft blue shade is a nice counterpoint to her eyes.  Or so I am told.


  1. It's beautiful! careful...these are addictive. It's very hard, maybe impossible, to make just one! ;-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :-) Happy knitting...and crocheting!

  2. Lenora, I think I will try to make one too. It looks lovely on you!