Monday, June 29, 2009

Seams To Me It Is Awkward

Last week brought so much fun working with the Seduce and Bonsai from Berroco that updating a blog was the last thing on my little mind. Last week, it was all about the different texture resulting from working the two yarns on the same size needle, even though deep in my heart I would not work Seduce on #7s. But, as I predicted, it all came out in the wash.

Yesterday it was time to seam the slippery mass. Seams on this particular pattern are a bit awkward as each is some angle - be it as true a 45 degree slant as stockinette can produce or some slight variation due to casting on or binding off. While the pattern instruction state to sew the pieces together, I decided to slip stitch it all. Why? Because I like a good slip stitched seam. When you have (deleted terms) years of experience with crochet, it becomes your 'old reliable' standby solution for sticky - or slippery - situations.

But, I am getting too far ahead. Back at the beginning, aka blocking, a trusty towel appeared. If you have read about my blocking experiences in prior posts, you know that I am partial to using a sort of rough cotton towel to hold my blocking where I put it. No exception on this project. BUT - and here you will see my occasional brilliance - I pinned the dry pieced in situ on the towel. When both the front and back were of equal measurement, only then was the whole thing sprayed to dampness and left in a cool dark place to dry. Hey, if cool and dark works for wine, it should work for yarn. Right?

And then the seams. Angles each and every one. And yes, I am discounting the side seams because I didn't get that far. One option would have been to unpin two blocked shapes and hold them in the hands to slip stitch for outside seams. Oh, did I forget to tell you all seams are done on the outside? Well, now you know. But that towel was doing such a fine job of holding each shape in place, that I seamed the pieces while they lay flat and still in place. A bit awkward - but a stool, a nice big kitchen counter and a huge glass of lemonade did the trick.

I am happy with the result.

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