Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cat-cident or Finding A Needle In A Carpet

There has been a cat-cident here. Now you must understand that Snowy (Snowball, aka Mr. Kitty) is nineteen and does enjoy a well placed nap. Mostly he sleeps on the current work in progress unless there is acrylic involved. Then he eschews the whole work space until a more suitable 'mattress' appears.

Well, I was busy adding beads to the scarf and set the whole thing down so as to give my back a rest. Little beading needle, beads and fringe neatly piled on a plastic bag rather put back in the bag and zipped securely from little paws. Snowy has never liked sleeping on plastic. Why would anyone, human or otherwise, curl up for hours on plastic? I thought all was safe. What could possible happen when beading needle, beads and fringe is left alone for ten minutes?

OH. Fringe. Yep, fringe. And a cat. Even a nineteen year old cat will ignore the yucky plastic resting place and delight in fringe. Seems that in order to lay on top of fringe and bat it about whilst occasionally chewing on the ends, one must first remove the little beading needle and beads by whacking them out of the way with such force that the whole lot is flung to the carpet in a wide arc that should be traceable, but alas, makes the final resting place of the beading needle impossible to predict.

That was my last beading needle. Oh, well. The economy needs a boost. Want to take bets that I can walk out of the store with only one little pack of needles?

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