Monday, June 22, 2009

Playing Around With Texture

As though the Autumn vest was not enough, last week was devoted to starting on another interplay of texture. A new project has me working with the same color but in two different textures. I am still in a geometry inspired mode, but this time it is all about shapes.

See this? On the left is an unblocked shape worked in Berroco Seduce. And on the right, practically the same shade worked in Berroco Bonsai. Both are on a good old size 7. Very different results as far as the fabric goes. But quite compatible and complimentary as far as the side by side look goes.

Go ahead and click on the photo to enlarge and have a look. The Seduce slides through the fingers screaming for a smaller diameter of stick, but it really needs to be worked as though it is a worsted weight. At first, I was certain that I was being Seduced to failure. Surely this was not going to work out. But, after getting a bit of length to drape off the needle, and giving a bit of a wiggle, the most amazing thing occurred. Ripples - yeah, nigh on to waves - of movement brought a dance of shadow and light to my eyes. This looks great. Transparent to be sure. But great.

Here it is (pardon the color, wanted to show the light shining through) in all of its Seductive transparent glory. Would that I could show the ripple in the breeze motion. Very impressive.

The Seduce is quite slippery. Started out using a favorite metal circular and had to transfer to bamboo for a bit of drag. If you are thinking that my stitches are terribly uneven, you are thinking rightly. On the knit row it is possible to be quite tidy and even tensioned. Little soldier loops line up across bamboo like cadets on graduation day. But then comes the purl. Something happens on the way back and there is a slip sliding of each and every little loop that brings the word "wonky" to the forefront of the mind.

I am, naturally, hoping that it all comes out in the wash. And should it not, should the random wonky appearance continue to the wearing stage, I shall be content. The drape, the ripple, the flow has seduced me and I am caught in its web.

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