Monday, June 1, 2009

Knit Block, Block Block

There is nothing like completing two wearable items in less than one week to induce a feeling of supremacy. I am practically Goddess-like in my accomplishments of late. Now, just admitting that two (at minimum) yarn based items are laying around waiting to be finished is not also an admission that there were, prior to weaving in ends, too many UFOs here in yarn land. It is simply that I was trying to keep up with knitterly friends who confess to juggling six, seven, yeah even ten works in progress. Such a tidbit of information is, to a competitive soul, akin to throwing down the gauntlet right in the middle of the stash.

Clearly not my fault for having so much unfinished work. I was trying to compete by increasing the amount of items I can juggle at any one time. And do you know what I discovered? I am a fine juggler. Excellent at tossing a few rounds here and then reaching out to whip out rows over there. Each work contained in bag or basket or even wedged between the pages of a book. I am amazing.

Want to know what else I discovered? I don't like juggling. Truth be told - - I hate it. I kept feeling like a tease. A flake. Yes, I'll say it. A fickle female who could not and would not commit. Commitment to one - and only one - project at a time makes me happy. This jumping around and juggling something different every day is too exhausting and is not conducive to a calm demeanor. Not at all. And I do so love calmness.

So, today found me furiously finishing yet another former UFO. It is "Autumn" from Colleen Davis' Vest Collection. All yarns came from the stash. Nothing purchased as project specific except for the buttons. Here are the buttons. These are really smooth wood that bring out the best of the browns in all of the various yarns. Can buttons be sentimental? I purchased these three at a LYS that has now closed up shop due to the economy. Looking at the buttons makes me a bit misty eyed as the shop was the very one that started me on knitting socks.

And here the completed vest during the blocking. Note the blocks of color worked in intarsia. It is a simple plan that repeats the same configuration color blocks for the fronts and back. Bring out the crochet hook for a sturdy edging!

Now, you should think about this southland in which I live. It will only get hotter over the next several months. Cool mornings already are giving way to heat sweats in the afternoon and the mercury will soon climb above 100 F. But come next November - Lenora has a warm vest!

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