Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tales From The Organizer

Phew! Organizing “takes it’s toll and the soul outta you” to quote lyricist Richard Stilgoe. But the task is done.

Well, it’s done if you count keeping the acrylic in a plastic shopping bag and shoved between the file drawers and the wall.
Turns out that my reference library is not impressive at all. Most everything I need is accessed via a video online or is a pattern that I keep electronically – having paid and downloaded or secured legitimately via free postings for personal use.

Now, I will confess that I often save downloaded patterns with a file name that is not the exact title of the pattern. Usually I’ll tag on a word such as “cardi” or “sox”
or even the name of a suitable person to the file name. That seems to make it easier to search for the drive for patterns rather than scrolling through a long list and randomly opening files to see if it is what I’m seeking.

Sure, one might recall that “Hey Teach” is a short sleeve sweater. But then again, if one has not had a caffeine surge, one might need to see that extra word “ME” added to the file name.

The organizing did uncover this lovely thing, which when yarns are clipped and woven, seams closed and felting occurs will turn into a sack suitable for holding a beverage bottle.

Due to actually cleaning out the file drawers that I use for storage, there was room to file away some of the stash. One drawer for cotton, one for fancy/special stuff, one for the wool and one for blends. At least that is the general scheme. Mostly it works. The sock stash is not in a drawer. Neither is the acrylic that is earmarked for certain projects (like lap robes for seniors).

For the most part, I can find what I’m looking for within thirty seconds. But, as you can probably tell, I don’t keep very much on hand.

It works for me.

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