Friday, January 9, 2009

On the Launch Pad

Ready to take off. The Wild Blue Space Shuttle, courtesy of Stefanie Japel's hand dyed bamboo, is on the launch pad.

You need to just accept, as fact, that I do not own blocking wires. If I owned such items, making lace on a regular basis would be required so that the cost per use got down to a sensible 2 cents. Or some ridiculously low amount. So the few times I have needed to actually be straight and even in a long length I rely on my handy dandy towel.

You read correctly. My towel. Please understand that this is a special towel. It is old and not soft. It is old school loopy cotton - not at all the soft plush stuff of today. And, this towel has stripes. Good stripes that are actually straight and level (no, I didn't bring out an actual level and check the bubble, but level and true enough for the casual observer)

The stripes are wonderful for getting a straight edge on any long length of knitting. Just follow the little line. Even a child can do it. A towel is not threatening like wires and boards printed with squares. Nope, not at all threatening.
A towel is familiar - it is comfortable - it is and every day item. And if it is not an every day item, well I don't want to hear about it.

Other than the straight stripes, the afore mentioned not soft loopy cotton grabs the fiber that is laid upon it and holds it in place. Well, mostly in place. But it works sort of like the loop side of hook and loop tape.

Some pinning is still required. But I am convinced, in my own little world, that fewer pins are required and thus the whole blocking process seems to take but a few minutes.

At any rate, the Space Shuttle is almost ready to take off on great adventures with yours truly. Oh, where shall we head off to first? Such possibilities. Such adventures. The universe is our oyster - - - or something like that.

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