Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Throw Down

Dancing With the Stars final week! I spent a lovely ninety minutes last night watching happy people dance and knitting on the Collinette Throw. Got a solid six inches done, which for me is fabulous progress in one sitting.

Please note: Look closely in the background of this photo; behind the lamp. Bert remains inside his cage any time the throw is being worked on. Way too much temptation for his birdly beak!!

I really, really tried to do each pattern repeat exactly the same - - and per the instructions. What can I say but that "I failed." It is just too much fun to play around with all of that color and texture!

Let's focus on the area around the twisted drop stitch. Here is the first repeat where I substituted one yarn so that a lot of green clumped together.

Then on the second repeat I used exactly the yarn sequence specified in the pattern and we get a break in the green.

And on the third go around the same sequence from the above is there, but you'll note that I substituted garter stitch row for Stockinette in the yellowish ribbon.

I love being daring!

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