Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Inset

Still plugging along on the final ribbing for the DH plain socks. I got a bit sidetracked because of a new project just for me. Stash diving revealed that the long sleeved Rusted Root I planned to make for this fall never did start itself. What was it doing all this time in the bottom of the closet? One would think it knit itself by now. This is Cestari Cotton Blend (75 cotton/25 wool) in heather green.

Any way - all of my notes were right there on the label telling me what to do with the stuff. Whenever I make a purchase with something specific in mind, I write notes on the label so that I don't forget why I bought it. Clearly, this was purchased to become a Rusted Root. (Bad, bad fuzzy image. Someone should spend a moment to edit these photos)

But why did I swatch it using 8's? Oh, well. A quick turn of the label revealed that somewhere back in time I did swatch size 6 needles which just confirms the planned pattern.

This one won't have the lace insert. I've decided to inset diamonds down the front. And, since the sleeves will be long, perhaps diamonds around the bottom of the sleeves. The diamonds are made using elsebeth lavold Bambouclé in plain white.

There is something so mindless about knitting a raglan. Keep increasing until it fits. My kind of pattern.

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