Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogging Is Not My Whole Life

Some weeks are just too busy for adding to the Blog. This is surely one of them. I got off kilter early on with meetings.

First there was a strategic planning committee meeting and I missed it. More on that later. Then there was a budget and finance committee meeting. I really have to prep and focus for those. It is not my strong point, so I try to go into b&f with just the right level of caffeine, my files at hand, and a pen for notes.

Let's not forget the Riverside Knitting Guild meeting. After all, it was the third Tuesday. Our tip this time was on utilizing the Russian join. I truly enjoy simple ten minute tips and hints. Even when it is something I already have in the repertoire, it is useful to brush up on these things.

Second, there was surgery. My oldest daughter had a little problem. So there was driving an hour to meet her for the pre-op meeting and make sure we were on the same game plan as the surgeon. (That little excursion is why I missed the strategic planning committee meeting.) Then there was getting to the hospital early, prepping for the surgery and then the waiting. And waiting. I'll spare the details, but do know that her man friend was forced to sit in public view and hold the knitting while I frogged. It's hard to count to "2" when every footstep could signal the surgeon coming to give the news. But now it is over, she is past the hardest part, released from the hospital and firmly bedded down in my guest room trying to stay awake long enough to watch stupid movies. Chicken broth and jello - yum, yum.

hird, there is the boutique. Brockton Arcade here in Riverside, where Knit 'n Stitch holds a prime corner spot, is the location. We set up at 8:30 this morning.

There was a lovely young woman setting up her birdhouse decor items.

Riverside Knitting Guild was selling tickets for the afghan raffle. See how beautiful it is! Those are President Sue's pillows for sale.

I can't believe Sue would sell the flag coverlet. But she put a price on it and there it was - ready for a proud American to purchase.

My friend Lisa was a bit late in arriving and I did not get photos of her soap and lotion line. The big joke with Lisa is that after 3 or 4 years of loudly claiming she would never knit a washcloth - ever - what's the point - what a waste - - - - she is know producing washcloths like a knitting maniac. Turns out that people who like goat's milk soap also like organic cotton washcloths. What a concept!!

Of course I unpacked and then tried to set up - so it looked messy for a while. Eventually, I got all organized and pretty. You can't see it in this photo, but a nice coat rack was used to hold purses and make the whole area really look like a boutique.

Also helped Mitch out by watching over his sales while he went to his real paying job. Cool necklaces! Each and every one a 'gem'

The boutique runs all day Saturday as well. What kind of mother am I? I'm leaving the precious girl all stitched up and in the care of a father and a man friend who will likely spend the day munching and grunting at football. Oh, yeah. Now I remember. . . . . . .

Men who are not capable of pampering and caring are not real men.

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