Thursday, October 23, 2008

Knitters Everywhere You Look

Today I joined a few friends for good old fashioned social knitting. We met up at a local eatery for casual conversation and relaxing. With caffeine and sugar for fuel, we tried to sip, munch, talk and knit all at the same time. Isn't it wonderful that knitters are so good at multi-tasking?

Turns out that my server moonlights as a knitter. We had a lovely conversation about the b
lue ribbons she has won. She even triumphed in a speed knitting contest. How thrilling is that?

So we friends settled down and pulled out our current "public knitting" projects. For me, public knitting is something small and portable that does not require m
uch attention. I am this far on the socks for which Bert selected the yarn:

Another sock knitter was there and working on these self patterning socks.

Socks in southern California make a lot of sense. Cool evenings mean that you can wear socks year round. Not at all like other things. Not at all like caps made with three strands of mohair. Oh no. Not at all like that.

Even though some folks do knit with three strands of mohair when it is over 90 degrees outside. See..........
When the hat in progress came out of the bag, our group increased in number. Suddenly we were visited by another coffee addict who also knits. She popped over from another table to check out the yarn and pattern and swap stories for a few minutes. Yep, knitting in public is magnetic. All the other yarn-a-holics come and confess - oops - they come and chat about what is on their needles.

We had one group member working on this scarf. The color is off in the photo. It is a soft lavender and quite beautiful. Only about twelve inches long at this point, but it will surely be a keeper when finished.

All in all it was a relaxing and festive two hours. We encouraged each other. We encouraged the restaurant staff. We encouraged the customers.

Maybe this is what life is all about. Maybe so.

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