Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day of Progress

It has been a wonderful day of progress. Well, actually a night and a day. Last night was a quiet evening of alone time for knitting. Salad, Guinness and yarn. Friends, life just does not get much better than that! Made outstanding progress on the Colinette throw. See:(Don't worry about me. I never attempt a lace chart under the Guinness influence.)

I'm only 16 rows from being half way done. What does that equal? Maybe one-third. It feels like pure luxury. It is working up so fast and fun. All of my resolve to strictly follow the directions has gone out of the open window. (it was 95 hot degrees here today). I have slightly 'adjusted' yarn sequencing keeping the exact same number of rows as instructed. And occasionally switched a stockinette section with a garter section. Surely it will all work out by the end.

Today I went to my old knitting group for catching up. So much fun to see everyone again. Even with the lagniappe lunch, the progress on the DH plain vanilla socks was remarkable. Definitely will be finished by the time he returns from the next trip.

Bert enjoyed his freedom time before I left for the day. Mostly he just wanted peanuts and the joy of flight. We discourage sleeping on the furniture, lest a stray cat or dog wander by - he gladly went back into his cage so I could have my day of progress on the socks.

I returned home to a marvelous blog post gift from the Glampyre Knits gal Stefanie Japel. She has posted her Lace Panel Tunic. It is a dream, so check it out.

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