Monday, October 27, 2008

Homework Time

I've got homework! And it must be completed by Saturday. Oh, it is not difficult homework - just a little patch in contrast color A.

The Riverside Knitting Guild is have Joyce Wyatt in to teach a workshop on patchwork knitting. The link to the Guild is over in the left column. I'm thinking that it will be a fun day. You can read Joyce's bio here. I know for a fact that my homework is not the first to be completed. Neither is it the last. Right where I like to fit in - the middle of everything!

All workshop participants need three contrasting colors. Don't know if it fits the rules but I went with three shades of grey. Well, I suppose one is actually a tint, but let's not quibble. I'm in a more serious mood lately and that keeps me away from the happy colors. Grey worsted. Only thing that could possible be more serious is chunky black.

No photos. Would not want my classmates to cheat.

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