Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ahead of my time

I am ahead of my time. Yes, already moving quickly through the gift making rush for the end of the year. Mid-October and I am on a roll.

It is my privilege to chair a committee of amazing thinkers and workers. The organization we belong to focuses on doing for others; thus we don't make a big deal of gifting our volunteers. But how can a little cotton string be interpreted as doing too much for self?

of my committee members will receive a washcloth and soap as a reminder of all the work we have done to "clean up" some issues and wipe out old practices to let the new shine through. Using Cathy Waldie's Two Hearts as One Dishcloth pattern and Bernat's Organic Natural Cotton.

Three down and one to go. It was all going so smooth and fast. Then, Bert happened. Bert is a dwarf macaw who likes yarn. He often enjoys the end of the skein and decorates his cage with lovely abstract hangings. Today, Bert tried to get more than his fair share. He went straight for the ball and started to pull. At least he had the courtesy to pull from the center and not mess up too much.

Back to the cage for Bert.

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  1. What a cutie Bert is. Pets can be a lot of distraction when we are trying to knit. My dogs want on my lap when I'm knitting. And they are too big for that. The smaller one weighs 68 pounds!