Monday, November 16, 2015

Shawl Blocking Tip

This tip comes to you and me from she who crochets - aka Daughter #1. 

She finished crocheting a new shawl to wear to the recent opening of the Branches Gallery which is the latest venture of The Knitting Tree, LA.  Every one who attended was bedecked in fiber of all forms.  It was glorious.

But I digress.

Check out the two stitch markers.  The shawl has three spines and she who crochets had marked each spine which makes it easy to work the increases without all that counting and worrying.

Her tip is leave the markers in place while blocking.  She wet blocked this wool/cashmere swath and then went to work folding it in half (the center spine marker) and matching up the points of the wings.  The next step was to match the shoulder/arm spines and pin in place - that is the photo.  It was so easy to get those points to be in alignment and make sure that the whole thing was equally blocked.  Folding in half really helps; the markers guarantees precision; and then it takes almost no stress to pin or wire up the remaining edges.

What a great tip! 

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