Monday, November 30, 2015

Crocheting With Friends

How do these things get started?  It is rarely my idea.  At least I don't think so.  There are a group of us who get excited about a pattern or "look" and then one person says the magic words and suddenly we have a small group knit/crochet - a - long.

Most recently, it was crochet.  One pattern, different yarns, different thoughts and we were off and running.  The crochet cowl we decided to make is huge.  Humongous.  Very long and wide.  Thus, you will not be surprised to find out that I shortened the thing.  Not in half like another in our motley group because I still wanted it to work doubled and be easy to pull over my head.  But math (with the help of two other number-type people) was done.

Just looking at the width on the pattern was scary, so I nixed repeating rounds and came up with the perfect size for me. 

The thing about the cowl that is most notable is the edging.  What looks like crochet bobbles is better described as closed clam shells.  It was a new stitch for me and I'm thrilled with the result.  Caution:  it takes a long time to work both edges; watch a movie and get a rhythm going.

About the yarn - also new for me.  This is Cascade Roslyn which is a wool and silk.  And I like it.  A lot.  Great for crochet work and I hear that it knits very well.

So, new math skills to reduce size of cowl, a new stitch for bobble edging and a new yarn to love.  No wonder I'm hooked.

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