Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In There Somewhere

Knitters and crocheters are so generous!  Look at that pile of gifts.  Amazing. 

A six foot table filled with warm scarves, with the occasional hat tossed in for good measure.  You will notice that each one plays around with the red colorway.

Why red?  So glad you asked.

The Riverside Knitting Guild added the Red Scarf Project to a growing list of charitable endeavors.  Now don't go thinking that anything else was short changed.  Oh, NO.  This was in addition to Precious Pals, hats for premature babies, lap robes for vets, toys for the animal shelter and more.

Somewhere in that huge pile is my contribution. 

You can read about the Red Scarf Project over here.  Scroll down for info and links.  It is not too early to raid your stash and find suitable yarn for 2016. 

1 comment:

  1. I salute you!! I'm working on my red scarf this very minute!!