Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Test Ends

 It is all over but the ends.  A few snips of the snips and two additional tails to secure firmly and then you will hear me shout.


This was a fun test knit.  The Freia Ombre Sport does most of the work.  I love the way it moves.  Click on the link for an OOH and AAH private moment.

Mostly, I weave in ends as the knitting progresses and leave the tail dangling throughout the blocking process.  When I rechecked the dry shawl, I noticed two spots that can use a little attention and those are secure, just not as pretty as I like.  Five minutes - and the first three are for finding the needle and scissors - and all will be well.

The Freia is enhanced with Malabrigo Rios Coco

The pink pop is Tosh Merino Light in the Posy colorway.

Are you intrigued?

The pattern, which has been renamed Dewpoint,  will be available in kit form (limited availability) at The Knitting Tree, LA booth at Yarnosphere and then available from  Christopher Bahls via Ravelry. 

For the Dewpoint kits, Chris supervised the selection of several different color combinations.  Neutrals, hot hot color, deep or bright.  It doesn't really matter.  Dewpoint is fabulous.

And yes, there is plenty of time to add it to your holiday gift knitting!

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