Friday, October 23, 2015

And Now We Wait

Earlier in the month I teased you with what was on the needles.   Well, it is now off the needles.  That's right - the knitting is done.  And the soaking is over. 

And now we wait for the drying.

I figure it might be dry by tomorrow, if I remember to flip it over.

This is Madrigal and you can learn about it over here.  Madrigal is an oversized cross between a cardigan and a poncho.  Lots of fun stitch patterns are scattered throughout the knitting.  It was an interesting few weeks - but frankly, I'm glad it is over.

Yes, I added beads because bling is good.

Yes, I still need to add the buttons.

Yes, there are a zillion ends to snip.  For the most part I remembered to weave in whilst knitting.   But sometimes I forgot. 

No, I did not follow the pattern exactly.  The collar is omitted and basic single crochet finishes the neck.

So.  I wrote this whole post and still the thing isn't dry.  A whole fifteen minutes!  It's gonna be a long wait. 

Such is life.

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