Friday, October 9, 2015

Knittus Interruptus

 This is really what is on the needles right now.  A friend - and very fast knitter - is also making it.  We want to show how the same pattern is interpreted by different yarn artists.  We are even using one yarn that is the same.  So far, she is way ahead of me.   That's OK because it is not a competition.  I've named my project Sister-in-yarn.  Because we are.

In order to work on this, (Yes, I am a tease.  More info to come when success is achieved.) I had to put aside the sample that must be ready for showing in two weeks.  And in order to do the sample the winter tube socks were interrupted.

In the midst of interrupting necessary knitting for fun knitting I found this Happy Fuzzy yarn in color Verdigris that will be the base for my new copper beads.  I only went bead shopping to seek out the perfect embellishment for the Sister-in-yarn above.  As often happens, the first thing that flashed before my eyes was not the object of the shopping but instead a tube of copper beads was sparkling and winking at me.  I grabbed. 

On a side note, copper beads are heavier than "regular" beads used for knitting so I'm quite worried about using them on the lace Verdigris yarn.    Copper.  Verdigris.  Some days I crack me up.

Anyway, I was going to put aside the Sister-in-yarn to work on the lace and a design was & is swirling in dreamland.

But then this happened.

A friend has designed a new shawl and someone begged and begged and begged to be the pattern tester.  And she got the draft pattern via email. 

Knittus Interruptus Iterum.

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