Sunday, August 9, 2015

The End Is NOT In Sight

Summer has settled down for a long drawn out stay.  Heat and humidity make it hard to think of long sleeved wool sweaters.  So most things on the hooks and needles are light and breathable fibers.

Like this one.  Right now, I call it I-Summer.  The colors will make me think that cooler temps are on the way even though the dog days hang around.

The pattern is free and you can find a link here.  The pattern is from Lion Brand.  What I like is that it is adaptable to what the knitter wants to do.  I only did one lace pattern and color blocks & stripes for the rest. 

Right now, the neck opening is looking rather sloppy and the option to pick up and knit a few rows of ribbing is in my brain.  That should give a finished look more to my liking than the purl rounds of the pattern.

But we will all have to wait and see how the yarn holds out.  Cutting it close with the orange.  

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