Monday, August 10, 2015

Fun Things That Happened Recently

 Fun Thing #1.  I was asked to design a hat for an upcoming e-collection.  The requirements are simple:  worsted weight & for the head.  There is a restriction on the name of each hat - but let's keep that surprise for another day.

Malabrigo Rios is my yarn of choice.  The pattern has a strong nod to history and the Los Angeles car culture.  And just for fun, it combines a narrow TSS (Tunisian Simple Stitch) band with stockinette knitting.  The narrow width of the band means that no special hook is required.  However, an embellishment of bling is strongly suggested.

 From what I understand, there will be five or six hats in the collection.  Watch for this to be release by The Knitting Tree, LA.

 Fun Thing #2
It is sample making season!  Well, it always seems to be sample making season in the yarn shop world.  But I returned from extended vacation to a whole heap of work that needs doing. 

This is the back and front panels for Rialto Ribbed Top from Quaternity Knits.  The yarn is Interlacements Irish Linen which just happens to be perfect for southern California - or any hot prone climate - due to its blend of linen, cotton and rayon. 

The top parts go in the "other" direction so it will be fun to watch the yarn do its thing.  Quaternity Knits patterns always have a lovely twist that keeps the making fun and interesting.  Check it out.

Fun Thing #3.  The Los Angeles Quilt Show and Fiber Festival just ended.  It included lots of fun vendors offering quilt and fiber supplies.  (Bet you didn't expect that!)  My Plumage was on display.   The pattern is Crochet Sweater which is free from Knitting Fever.  This fun openwork is only two balls of Noro Kibou. 

This sweater has also been to Vogue Live that was in Pasadena  and to TKGA/CGOA down in San Diego.  The weird thing is that this is one thing I made just for me - and I have yet to wear it out in public.  But I should get it back this week and have it for the remainder of this slow moving summer.

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