Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why You Need A Kitchen Island

 If you love fiber, you need a large kitchen island.  End of story.

OK - I always have a yarn to tell and this is it. 

Weekends are busy.  People walking about and actually expecting to be able to stroll down the hallway as if they own the place!  Others being forced to do laundry on the weekend due to long commutes during the week. (Welcome to L.A.)  And then there is cooking to be done.  Add all of this up and before you know it, most of the usable space that is six feet of uninterrupted & not otherwise claimed flat surface is hard to find in the condo. 

Thus, the need for a large kitchen island!

This is scarf blocking on the weekend by she who crochets. Wildness in motion.  I'm convinced that it glows in the dark; she claims it is just "pretty."  I love having a partner in yarn!

Yarn:  Oink Pigments in the Goblin Gum colorway which appears to have been special for 2014.  But check out her great stuff! 

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