Friday, March 27, 2015

Faster Than A Bouncing Basketball

That's right.  I spent a day watching NCAA BBall and enjoying March Madness.  My teams are no longer in the dance, but still I'm caught up in the action.

To be honest, mostly I listen and only glance up when the color commentators get really excited.  And that is because I'm caught up in my own color!

In one afternoon, I whipped up a new lacy pair of mitts.  These are the simplest type - a crocheted rectangle seamed to fit.

But let's give credit where it is due.

Pattern:  Lacy Fingerless Gloves by Christie Pruitt.  The pattern indicates that it fits small/medium.  My hands are fairly normal so I consider them a medium.  The fit is a tad tight to put on, but perfect during wearing.  If you have a large hand, consider adding a repeat to the width (caution:  math required).

Yarn:  Koigu Sparkle.  The sparkle shows up well in real life.  But it was shy during the photo session.  Here is a link to my friend's online shop (yes, this is a plug for Merilyn).  She can hook you up with the good stuff.

  No Second Syndrome for this old gal.

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  1. These turned out great!!! I can't wait to make a pair too!