Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Caught Up In The Pool-ing

As soon as it hit the digital waves, the Spring+Summer issue of Knitty grabbed my attention.  There is always something that draws me in - a pattern (or five), a hint, an article or even an advert for something new.  And it is all free for the enjoyment.

Let me tell you, friend, I am enjoying Crane Hill designed by Miriam L Felton.  In this great summer garment, crochet and knitting combine to bring out the best in each.  What struck me immediately was the opportunity to break out the 1200 yards of Interlacements Rick Rack.  

Oh, sure.  There were things to consider.  Like the fact that the pattern uses a linen in Aran weight and my yarn is rayon in Sport weight.  And linen is natural and rayon is man-made from cellulose.  There is drape to be considered also.  

Let's not even think about what could happen when the Rick Rack starts pooling.  

Wait a minute.  

Let's celebrate what happens when the Rick Rack starts pooling color!   I'm doing my 'happy, happy, joy, joy' dance.


PS for those with inquiring minds.  Started this on the pattern preferred 5.5mm hook.  Worked three rounds and decided it was too big and loose.  Did not frog it.  Just changed to a 5.0mm hook and kept on stitching.  Result:  fits better and the bottom skims over my bottom.

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