Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Plugging Along

These long days of the end of summer are starting to feel like too much of the same old thing.  Some might become bored by the repetition.  Others are invigorated by the lazy sunshine.  And many are anxiously awaiting the first kickoff of football season.

I am combining the different points of view into the laziness brought on by repetition and catching up on a bit of charity knitting whilst waiting for football.  Making these hats is a delight for me.  I've written before about how quick a hat is and that speed removes any boredom that might sneak in.

There was plenty of left over heather grey/purple to make a textured hat.  This one wants to be called Moving Along.  There is no pattern, I just knit a hat with paths.  Other than that it is my standard 80 stitches with a rolled edge. 

As so often happens, there was still yarn left in the generous Caron skein.  Already it had yielded two hats, but I could not stand to let that last bit go to waste.   The stash was hiding another  bit that was remaining from earlier hats. 

The two bits work well together. 

Talk about lazy repetition - alternating stripes is a no-brainer that results in happy fabric.

The two hats play together well.  I'm so excited to see them that I'll finish the striped one tonight just so that I can enjoy them before mailing off to the kind folks who share.

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