Thursday, August 7, 2014

Leafing Along

The great short row ginkgo leaf scarf is progressing.  Over the last few days, there has actually been time to focus and enjoy each new leaf.

 These are not sewn together, but I enjoy visualizing what the final scarf will look like.  One thing is apparent.  I must not "jump ahead" and start sewing until all of the leaves are completed.  In playing around, it is obvious that some leaves simply do not go together.  I think it is the edge of each that needs to be the focus and if two leaves are too similar, the organic nature is lost.

So far, I have ten ginkgo leaves finished.  The plan is for forty.  But as the end is in sight, I may have to make specific leaf shapes to fill in gaps.  All, in all, making this no pattern asymmetrical scarf is delightful. It is a perfect summer project.

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