Friday, April 18, 2014

Walking Pretty

Summer is not far away.  Plans are being made for vacation and cotton linen blends are quickly replacing alpaca or wool.  Time to yarn bomb the feet.

Understand that I do not advocating sneaking up on unsuspecting family members whilst they slumber and wrapping their tootsies with fiber.  That would not be cool.  Fun.  But not cool.

Rather, I suggest that you jazz up the summer flip flops with yarn covered straps and then add embellishments as you desire.

I found a deal ($2.99) on these spongy basic flips and used leftover acrylic to cover the straps.  The process is simple enough for any beginner.  Frankly, except for the hook and string thing, potential makers might think that this is just crafting and not realize that they have learned to crochet.

Perhaps you want a pair for yourself or maybe you have a sudden desire teach a group how to make these fun and fast to complete summer sandals.

There is a great video over here.  This one is clear and detailed enough for everyone.  Get out there and yarn bomb your feet - - with style.

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